Weekly Badass: Doc Holliday

We’re starting up a new segment here at Writing Wrongs in order to educate the public about some extremely badass individuals that deserve the recognition. Every week we’ll post a new article depicting the actual life and deeds of some awesome human being throughout history. There are some people that have stories so crazy there is no way anybody could make it up. History is the best author the world has ever known and my goal is to highlight its best stories. First up:

John Henry “Doc” Holliday


Doc Holliday was just a normal kid growing up in Georgia when his mother died from Tuberculosis, Doc being 15 at the time, the same disease that had previously killed his step-brother. He ended up graduating from dentistry school when he was just 20 but in the same year he was also diagnosed with his family’s arch nemesis, Tuberculosis. He was given just a few months to live in current conditions, but a warmer, drier climate might delay the disease. So, he decided to head West.

*Crack of whip* *Whistling Cowboy music starts to play*

Doc partnered up with a friend of his father and won multiple awards for dentistry. The practice closed within a year, however, because Doc started coughing up his lungs into the wide open mouths of his patients. Luckily, Doc Holliday is a super smart badass, decided to just shake it off, and quickly became a professional gambler as well as one of the fastest shots in the West. After cleaning house all around Texas for a year, he got into a shootout with a bartender and the entire state told Doc to get the fuck out. From this point on, Doc was basically hammered until the day he died.

He moved to Denver using a fake name and got a job as a card dealer. That lasted until he fucked up world famous gambler, Bud Ryan, in a knife fight. He moved around a bit again until he beat the shit out of another gambler with his own cane, getting himself shot in the process. The newspapers reported that he had died but Doc was like “nigga I’m good,” and was back gambling in no time. Shortly after, he met with legendary lawman, Wyatt Earp, about some Cowboys (essentially the Bloods of the Wild West) that had been through town gambling recently. A year later, Wyatt Earp found himself in a bar surrounded by Cowboy’s with their guns drawn. Doc Holliday walks up out of nowhere, hammered, and calmly put his gun against the Cowboy Leader’s head, causing the Cowboy’s to retreat. Earp and Holliday instantly became super badass friends.

Wyatt Earp moved to a new up and coming city, Tombstone, while Doc Holliday spent the next few years drinking, gambling, and getting into gun fights. After a while he joined up with Wyatt and Wyatt’s brothers in Tombstone, where he continued to be a straight savage. Some shit started going down with the Cowboys and eventually Doc was sworn in as a Deputy, basically so he could kill people, legally. This all led up to the legendary gunfight at the OK Coral, a local saloon.

Doc Holliday portrayed by Val Kilmer in 'Tombstone'

Doc Holliday portrayed by Val Kilmer in ‘Tombstone’

Wyatt Earp, his three brothers, and Doc Holliday walked up to the OK Coral with the intention of disarming the Cowboys, but things quickly went south. Doc immediately killed a guy with a shotgun before one of the Cowboys ran out and said “I’ve got you now!” Like a straight thug, Doc responded with “Blaze away then! You’re a daisy if you do.” The guy of course missed his shot and then Doc put one in the dude’s head. After seeing how big Doc’s dick was, the rest of the Cowboys fled in fear.

The Cowboys got revenge by means of ambush, killing one of Earp’s brothers and permanently wounding another. Wyatt, Doc, and a few other savages rode around and killed all of Cowboys that were involved in the incident. Despite being one coughing fit away from dying, Doc fully kept up with the rest of the posse and killed multiple Cowboys personally. Not long after their vendetta was complete, Doc Holliday died in his bed. The guy lived life way too fast to make it through the long run, but at least his memory lives on as our Weekly Badass.


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